midget (plural: midgets)

  1. A normally proportioned person with small stature, usually defined as reaching an adult height less than 4"10".
  2. (derogatory) Any short person.
  3. (attributively) That is a small version of something; miniature
    the midget pony
  4. (loosely) Any small swarming insect similar to the mosquito; a midge



  • (derogatory: any small person): [[giant]]
  • (miniature): [[giant]]

6 letters in word "midget": D E G I M T.

No anagrams for midget found in this word list.

Words found within midget:

de dei demit di die diet dig dim dime dit dite ed edit em emit et ged geit gem get gi gid gie gied git gite id ide idem it item me med meg met mi mid midge mig mite te ted teg ti tid tide tie tied tig tige time timed